green honu in maui

green honu in maui
the search for the light above...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

my intentions here...

a good friend of mine suggested to me that i should have a "real blog", so i asked him about this because another friend of mine is here, and he said this is a good place to start, as i don't know how to design websites, or anything like that, but yea.  i have a few old deviantart and myspace pages i rarely check these days, and a facebook page i use regularly, but my friend said this is more like my own website, which i have more control over, so yea, this is why i started this blog.

i am an artist of many facets, and i hope to utilize this space for all of it.  i plan on sharing random thoughts, stories, photos, videos, music, etc.  i also hope to meet new people and share new ideas, in an effort to make this dimension we currently reside in a little more interesting and comfortable.  on that note, i'll continually elaborate on things in different ways, and will be the first to say that as blunt as i am, i am also VERY sarcastic, so if/when i seem to be off my rocker, try reading between the lines a little bit more, or just plain ask, and i will gladly try to help you understand the inside of my head...



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