green honu in maui

green honu in maui
the search for the light above...

Friday, February 24, 2012

if you build it, it will come

13,050 days have passed
since i took my very first breath
in this lifetime, and somehow,
i've always felt alone.
it doesn't matter how many surround,
as i begin to get claustrophobic,
so fear begins to take over
and that is when all is lost...

13,050 days have passed
since i began my search
for something to make me feel whole,
complete and that i simply belong,
all the while losing perspective
of the simple fact
that this feeling comes from within
each and every one of us,  individually...

13,050 days have passed
that i will never, ever get back,
and though those days are not necessarily lost,
they simply are my honest past,
so from this day forward
i do ever so truly vow
to love and live in every moment,
in every here and every now...

2.24.12 @ 22:48

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