green honu in maui

green honu in maui
the search for the light above...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

in an attempt to become a better...

i seem to have found something to be missing in my life currently, and that would be my focus and perspective of beauty in this world as whole, so i am going to do my best to write, at the VERY least, something new to you, my muse, everyday, as well as experience with all of my other mediums in the process.  i have too many negative thoughts, which is where a majority of my "work" has derived from, so, in an attempt to pull an about face, i've decided to dedicate this space to a better place for us all, as this is my inevitable change...:

mahalo, and aloha,

p.s.  i REALLY do appreciate criticism, ESPECIALLY if it's constructive, so if anyone else out there likes, hates, agrees, disagrees, etc. with any of my (he)art, PLEASE set up an account, as they are free, not to mention a GREAT way to release anything that's been pent up inside of you for a bit too long, and comment on what your thoughts and/or feelings may be about my stuff, and i promise i'll even return the favor, heh; have a GREAT day...!

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