green honu in maui

green honu in maui
the search for the light above...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

your effect on me

it may be raining, but the falling drops 
from heaven warm this cold and lonely soul
while the cloudy, grey sky is pierced
by a single, pure ray of golden light,
and this is her love shining down on me,
as a second and third hole come blazing through
the ominous weight of the world, like slugs
from cupid's nickel plated .45 desert eagle, each
finding its own proper place in this puzzle i've
become; one by one, they continue to come,
turning me into the illuminated one amongst
the shadows of this overcast darkness.
in the blink of an eye, change becomes me,
reflecting the radiating, yet intoxicating,
luster of universal love upon every single
dirty thing, unifying by cleansing the devil's claw
with a feather from an angel's wing...
3:6:12 @ 02:00

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